The Future of Augmented Reality Gaming

People have been fond of video games for a very long time. It has served as one of their favorite pastimes and it still does until today. However, there have been various changes in the technology and experts have been trying to improve and change the experience when playing these video games.

Thanks to augmented reality, we are given the chance to feel and experience the presence of the gaming world. Yes, you heard it right. It is now possible to fight, feel, run, and perform other things through entering the virtual gaming space.

Simply put, augmented gaming reality drastically change the entertainment industry, provided us the opportunity to be part of this untouched world without going to specific field or location. And guess what? We can expect for more things from it in the near future.

Augmented reality games will invade the classrooms

It has been proven that interactivity may lead into an immense and positive impact in education. Games have greatly benefited our dear teachers inside the classroom. They serve as a dynamic exercise. Every game lets students provide incremental rewards once they involve with the said material.

Several years from now, educational gaming will be integrated with Augmented Reality. Aside from that, it can boost the analog experience of reading and writing. With this technology, books may also stimulate student via interactive videos, videos as well mini games in their core subjects.

New AR toys in the making

If you want to take a glance of the future with augmented gaming reality, just take a look at Hasbro, considered as the largest toymaker in the world. This firm features its new invention, the new Iron Man mask that utilizes AR in staging a fight versus Thanos. Once you wear Iron Man’s gauntlet and red helmet, you have to set up 3 AR markers within the room and see how Thanos and his company surround you.

As a matter of fact, the suit is company’s first foray into AR. However, it follows the masterpiece of companies such as Lenovo and Disney that launched the well-known Star Wars Jedi Challenges Augmented Reality in 2017.

In this toy, you are not the usual boy playing the character of Iron Man. You own the character. You are the one and only Iron Man here.

This toy set-up from Hasbro depends on a phone located within the mask, captivating the real world by means of camera. After that, it overlays those digital objects from Iron Man’s world.  

Since phone-based AR keeps on improving these days, particularly Google, Apple etc. has been exerting effort in AR research and development — no doubt that your future grandchildren will feel lifelike virtual world in the future. It’s something most toymakers shouldn’t miss.

With the help of the AR, people would get to enjoy doing a lot of things in their device. There are tons of AR applications that require interaction with the device. In addition, with the continuously growing technology, more and more applications are making use of augmented reality would make the devices more useful than ever.

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