How does augmented reality work?

Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology in which the environment around you can turn into a digital interface by placing life-size 3D models on flat surfaces. As years passing by, the quest for graphics enhancement is developing. From simple 2D arcade, now engineers and computer scientists are pushing the sophisticated graphics ambition to reality. It overlays map data, or any flat surface to provide enhanced visual effect and navigation. Pokemon Go, for example, is the first game to-date to use Augmented Reality. It allows its players to catch virtual Pokemons who are hidden throughout a map of the real world. It took so many years before it was launched as a gaming application, but once it was it made the world went crazy because of its unique technology and engaging gaming experience.

Augmented Reality made its first debut year 1968, which was developed by a scientist named Ivan Sutherland. Now, Apple and Google are using it as part of their applications and to digitally overlay designs to make them look like they are part of the real world. Aside from that, they are also using it to enhance the features of their upcoming devices.

How does Augmented Reality work?

  1. It works on your mobile phone. 

Hundreds of Augmented Reality apps are available for download in app stores. Commonly downloaded AR apps are photo editing and video editing tools.  Why this is so common nowadays is because of the cool filter effects users can add to their photos and videos.  These AR photo and video apps can change someone looks, from a normal person to cute to sophisticated.

AR is like a magic trick on your mobile phone because of the mix reality it gives the users. The trick to experience the best of AR is having a high-end phone camera that sees 3D space as well as 2D images.

  1. It works on PC and connected TV players. 

AR application for PC and TV are limited since it is not easy to manipulate a tracker in front a screen. This works when you have a webcam. It works by relaying the virtual objects over the input from a webcam.

If you are watching sports like basketball and football, you will notice that there are augmented reality overlaying the field and the court. AR makes watching on TV instantly so much fun and better.

  1. It works on Smart Glasses.

The best example of an AR head-mount and glasses is the AR helmet. This helmet can give you a real-life experience while driving. The driver can get directions, traffic jams, their current speed, location and many more. Imagine yourself living like Ironman, it’s so cool right?

Another example is the Google “Glass”, which is an optical head-mounted display in eye glasses shape. But few months after Google launched it, car manufacturers like Audi and Volkswagen launched their own AR mobile application which turns Glass into an unsuccessful project. Google announced year 2015 it would stop producing Glasses and will be continued on 2017.

  1. It works on gaming. 

Nowadays, AR games are becoming popular because of its fantastical concept. AR games allow you to fight zombies, monster, aliens and defend your kingdom in the real world. There is no need for expensive gaming set to have an access to AR games. All you need to have is a smartphone or a console.

Aside from Pokemon, there are many best AR games on apps store you can download. Some best games are Ingress, Parallel Mafia and Temple Treasure Hunt.

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