Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality: Which Technology Will Win

Virtual reality and augmented reality are just two ways to make you believe that technology is amazing. Yet, these two terms can be quite confusing at times. Fret not because this article will help you know the difference between the two and determine which technology is better.

What is Virtual Reality?

Over the years, virtual reality has been extremely difficult to define. Some people define “virtual” as unreal or fake, and “reality” means real or refer to as real world. This definition results in an oxymoron. However, the real definition of virtual is “to have an effect of being there without actually being there”, and the meaning of reality is “being real” or “to have a concrete existence”.

By combining these 2 definitions we can arrive that the real meaning of “virtual reality” is “to have a concrete existence without actually having a concrete existence”, which is the exact definition fitted for virtual reality system. There’s no requirement that virtual environment should match the environment of real world. Because of these considerations, we conclude that: Virtual reality is the utilization of computer technology in order to create an interactive 3D effect world in which the objects have a spatial sense of presence.

The “spatial sense of presence” means that the objects in environment effectively have 3D location space that is independent of and relative to your position. Understand that this isn’t an illusion, but an effect. The basic idea of virtual reality is to present the proper cues to your cognitive and perceptual system in order to make your brain interpret those cues as the object in 3D world.

Surprisingly, these cues have been very simple to provide by using the computer graphics. They simply render a 3D object from the same point of view of your eyes as you are moving around. If the objects in environment effectively interact with you, then it only means the spatial presence effect is heightened greatly.

Also note that the experience in virtual reality is not required to be immersive. While for some applications, the immersion sense is highly necessary. The main difference between virtual reality and conventional 3D computer graphics is that in virtual reality, you’re working with the things as opposed to the picture of things.

On the other hand, what is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is close to the real world as it involves sounds, graphics and smells that exists in the real world. Thus, it seems so real. Devices have been the target of the augmented reality as lots of people are willing to spend their money on it. Everyone has wanted to benefit from this technology as it was also said that it has changed the way people view the world. The main idea about the augmented reality is that the sounds that the person using it hears coincide with what he/she hears.

The digital images are rendered into the real world environment with the use of the segmented reality. Thus, people who are using it are given a sense of illusion. To cut it short, it is as if the reality is modified. One’s perception about reality could be enhanced instead of creating a fantasy world. Various developments have been made with this technology.

Now the decision is yours. Would you go for augmented reality or virtual reality?

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