How is Augmented Reality Changing Porn?

Augmented reality is adding new realms to the real-world entirely. There are numerous industries using this groundbreaking technology, including adult. In addition, you also have a high number of apps that let people immerse themselves in them via AR. Snapchat is one of those apps and it is helping people make their sex better. Role-playing and sex games using augmented reality is not only possible through Snapchat, but also many other apps. The adult industry is jumping in and taking notice of all this. They are not only looking at what people can do with AR as it pertains to sex now, but in years to come. It’s why so many experts feel that virtual reality will be the new way to view porn in the future.

Anyone can take part in the AR technology and what it has to offer. They can use items such as a Microsoft Hololens, Google Glass type goggles and even their smartphones. Using these tools allows computer-generated images to overlay themselves atop whatever it is you are seeing. The end result is a fusion between your real world and a virtual world created by AR. Other apps which have implemented AR successfully are the highly popular game called Pokémon Go. No doubt many other apps will soon begin to follow suit, particularly in the adult industry.

Although pornography is experiencing unprecedented growth as far as viewership numbers go, they are also losing money. In part, it is due to the high number of porn tube sites available. Before these porn tubes sites were around, people had to pay in order to see porn films and great hardcore porn videos. That is no longer the case since many adult sites and porn tube sites let individuals access free porn all day. The porn industry has since been trying to recuperate the money being lost due to these sites. That is money lost on sales of video streaming, DVD and other digital videos.

One of the things that appears to be working for them is the public’s interest in both virtual reality and augmented reality porn content. Which is why they are investing so much money into the new technology. Once you experience porn viewing via augmented reality or VR, everything changes. No one really imagines how amazing it is until they see it, feel it and go through it themselves. AR’s ability to overlay any virtual images it wants to the real world are groundbreaking. The doors it can and has opened are limitless and without boundaries. Being able to apply these concepts to a person’s private life, is truly phenomenal.

For one, using AR technology lets anyone alter their appearance. Or the appearance of whomever they are interacting with. That means you can change the outcome of whatever sexual experiences you wish to have. The same for any sexual fantasies you always dreamed of carrying out. Yet you may not have been able to see them through because of these biological features you were born with. But in the augmented reality realm, those limitations are no longer a problem.

There are some differences between the sex and experience you can have using AR and VR. Using virtual reality tools to have VR sex, changes your virtual reality sex experience. At least the intimate experience you have is changed in totality when it comes to your real one. However, when it comes to having augmented reality sex, things are different. Your intimate sexual experience is not replaced or changed. Instead, it will be heightened and enriched to levels never imagined.  Additionally, the actual realness of whatever you are doing won’t be taken away from you. A user can keep the energy, touch and emotional aspect of the intimate sexual experience intact. The great thing will be for you to add or project any visuals you want atop of these results.

As the technology involving AR is expanded and made better daily, things keep changing. New roads leading to what a person can accomplish via AR sex are continually being opened. This includes being able to make your own 3D model of a person’s face. All you need is their photos and photogrammetry software. Imagine the possibilities a person will be able to accomplish when it comes to sexual fantasies? You can change your girlfriend, boyfriend or anyone else, into whatever character you desire. They can be a cartoon, celebrity or anyone else. Even your best friend’s hot mom or girlfriend.

Since there is so much yet to be discovered when it comes to AR sex and VR porn, no one knows what the future holds. What people are finding out is that they want in on this now. Especially once they experience or see it for the first time. Clearly augmented reality is changing the porn industry. It is also able to change a person’s own personal life, intimacy and their sexual experience. Once you try AR sex, you may never go back to the real world.